Choosing the right tile for your project

Choosing the right tile can be stressful for many of our customers, before they speak with us of course! Many people come in overwhelmed with questions like, what can I use in my shower, what kind of tile is safe on a fireplace, is it going to look “dated” in a little while, will it be durable enough where I want it installed. These are all things that we get asked every day. 

Knowing that tile, properly installed has a really long life cycle, some of these decisions are ones that people want to make sure they get right the first time. 

Below in this blog are just a few of the many things ( hot topics ) that our experienced staff can help guide you through when selecting tiles for your new home or renovation. 

Durability: many people choose tile for its durability, long lasting beauty that’s easy to maintain. BUT, not all tiles are created equal. The Italian and Spanish tile factories are recognized as leading the way in tile technology. The finishes they create are not just fashionable but are made to last and easy to maintain. Some factories specialize in making cheaper reproductions of these tiles but they can not copy the technology that goes into making them.

Most of the nicer tiles also pay for expensive testing to quantify this durability, there are ratings that show the ability to resist scratches, say if you walk into your home with a rock stuck in your shoe. There are ratings for wear, to understand how a tile will stand up to constant use, like at a pay station in a retail store, or an commercial entry where traffic is funneled through a tighter spot. This also makes them easier to maintain, while you often don’t have to get aggressive with the cleaning, you can, without damaging the surface!

Additionally, if you are renovating a shower, a good tile is stain resistant, easy to clean and can be waterproof. Add a good quality grout, like epoxy, and your installation will be bulletproof, and be easy to maintain for a long long time. 

Fashionable: Tile is fashionable! We are constantly getting new tiles to show our customers. Some styles like Carrera Marble  and other luxurious natural stones are classic and always in style. And there are hot new colours like blues and coral, and trendy new shapes like hexagons, pickets and chevrons, the opportunities to create an eye catching feature are almost endless. There are also designer names in tile that you would recognize from other fashion industries, like Diesel and Ann Sacks that have trendy tile designs ready to show off. 

Eco Friendly: Tiles are inherently green, and hypoallergenic.  Made from clay, and sand and water, tiles have ultra low voc’s. The setting materials we use are similar in composition and qualify as green rated. Also, by making tiles that look like wood planks or natural stones, these products are not being harvested out of nature. Some factories will even grind up old tiles to put into new tiles, which contributes to the recycling of materials, but also helps to control shrinkage during production!

There are many more reasons why one tile might be better than another for your particular installation. If you want to come and see us, we will make sure to take the time to listen to the details of your project and make sure you get the right tile for the job.