Elevate Your Morning Shower

Taking a shower can feel like just another part of any ordinary day, a part of our morning or nightly routine. Or as of more recently, a hideaway from kids, pets, significant others and a safe space to shout, decompress and eventually get clean! 

However, if you do it right, stepping into an aesthetically pleasing tiled shower can offer a few moments of peace and possibly transport us (even if for a moment) to a place of tranquility which can help end or start our day on the perfect note.

Whether you’re ready for a complete bathroom overhaul or looking for a little shower refresher, we have several beautiful shower tile ideas for every budget and style.

So get ready for your very own indoor spa!

The tile you select for your bathroom and shower will set the tone for the rest of the space. Be sure to take into consideration the overall look you’d like to achieve — including colours, sizing and your dream design style. Does a clean, contemporary bathroom represent who you are? Or how about a classic marble space? Is pattern more your flare? Or what if you like vintage, but modernized?


Whatever your aesthetic, we have options!  

Marble showers are without a doubt one of the most popular shower tile choices today. Whether you love geometric shapes, intricate designs, a mix of textures, or the clean and classic lines of a subway tile, there is a marble shower tile style for ALL tastes. And with today’s ever evolving technology, you can get the same look as marble in a porcelain tile! This means the look of marble, without the maintenance! 

Our I Bianchi series features the popular marble styling of both Carrara and Calacatta, in a durable high polish or matte finish porcelain.  


Shades of GREY

The ultimate neutral that literally goes with everything. These shades can be elegant, quirky, modern and masculine. 

Grey helps to create a sense of calm, which is how the bathroom should feel, and it coordinates perfectly with brighter pops of colour. Grey is not just a stylish option, it’s really practical too, making it perfect for bathrooms.

Our Garda and Pietra Pulpis are popular grey series that range from light to dark. 


Form AND Function

Although shower niches have been around for awhile, there is a growing popularity in their trending design capabilities. Sometimes we need to think outside of the box, or in the case of a niche, just flip the box from horizontal to vertical for a completely new look! Niches aren’t just for holding shampoos anymore (although they’re great for that!)… however including a niche in your shower design can add yet another element of WOW — a place to showcase more personality and style.

We carry a variety of niches by Schluter® Systems


Carpet… In a BATHROOM? Sort of. 

This design feature is enjoying a resurgence in popularity with custom DIY projects popping up all over social media. Tile rug inlays, bathroom floor perimeter borders in darker tones, and mosaic tile words are all making a comeback by taking a vintage bathroom aesthetic and modernizing it.

White subway tiles are revamped and given new life with the addition of darker grouts, tile rug inlays and cheeky mosaic messages to infuse personality into the bathroom.

No matter what you’re looking for, Euro is sure to have the shower tile options to create a bathroom and shower space that makes a statement.


From classic subway tiles to marbles and marble-look tiles, all the way to darker tones for your bachelor pad, there is no shortage of tile or inspiration!

Reposted with permission from Euro Tile