Post Quarantine Life…

We’re sure that most of us are settled into our “new normal”, but we can’t help but think of life after COVID. Going out for drinks with friends at your favorite rooftop lounge, exploring new places with a stay at a trendy hotel, being welcomed back to local restaurants to support them in person, or even… going back to the office! (Remember your office?)

We know many retailers and hospitality hot spots are just as eager for guests to return — and soon they’ll be ready to welcome shoppers, diners and employees back safely and in style.

The COVID era has made many stores, bars, hotels, restaurants and office buildings re-examine their space while customers and workers alike stay at home — NOW is the best time to consider making updates that will create a welcoming atmosphere once it’s safe to mingle in public. 

The Most Important Factor For A Successful Commercial Design? 

Whether it’s creating a space that makes the right impression on potential clients, setting up a comfortable and stylish environment for your employees, or maximizing the utility of your square footage… Choosing the right commercial tile design supports ALL of these factors at the same time.

Tiles are not only durable wall and floor covering solutions for the retail and hospitality industries, but also an opportunity to create one-of-a-kind spaces that stand out. From an expansive array of styles & textures, easier maintenance than carpet and hardwood — Tile options have a lot to offer for office spaces, retail shops, coffee shops, and even hotels. 

Whether you’re designing for a small office or luxury resort space, the key is to create the right blend of aesthetics and functionality — Tile will always play a key factor in any design. 

The technical performance of flooring materials is critical in office, hospitality and retail environments, as these areas are expected to receive high traffic.Tile for commercial settings can guarantee excellent resistance to high traffic, while providing enhanced traction and slip resistance for an added measure of safety. 

Durability is always an important consideration in commercial floor applications — Choosing tile for your commercial applications is the best, most durable choice. 

Commercial Tile Design Inspo | WOOD-LOOK

tile continues to be a trend in commercial design, and it’s easy to understand why!

These tiles combine the warmth and charm of natural wood with high-performance and low maintenance — a combination that is ideal for a high-traffic retail store or an upscale boutique hotel.

If you’re looking to bring the nature-inspired and timeless look of hardwood to a commercial space, wood-look tile is a reliable go-to for both interior and exterior designs. Unlike natural wood, it has a higher resistance to scratches and keeps a uniform appearance over time — 

cutting down on cleaning, repairs, and maintenance. 

Eye Catching Lobbies

You know the old saying “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression”… 

Customers get their first impression of your company and the way you do business from the moment they step foot into your lobby. 

Transforming your business’s entryway into an environment to impress should be your first priority in a retail or business space. In fact, designing lobbies with commercial tile is a simple way to create a spectacular look that will impress everyone upon their arrival! 

Commercial Bathrooms

Restroom design, in any industry, plays a big part in customer perception.

While customers want to avoid businesses with a dirty restroom, a luxurious one can have an extremely positive effect on how they perceive a business. For that reason, well-designed restaurant and hotel restrooms have become more important than ever. When it comes to hospitality bathroom design, aesthetics are just as important as performance!

Are you thinking of re-branding, re-building, or re-launching? If you’re inspired by any of the commercial designs we’ve shown you today and you’d like to re-create it in your own space, let us know!  We’ve got several commercial options to suit any design aesthetic. 

Our showrooms are open, no appointment necessary. Euro is following all health and safety protocols to keep our staff and clients safe. 

We’re here to help, whether in person, via phone, email or text. 

Reposted with permission from Euro Tile