Pet Friendly Floors

It’s a wonderful feeling to come home after a long, stressful day to be greeted by your furry family member. Let’s face it, with everything going on in the world right now, pets act as our companions to help us cope during these uncertain times.

Laundry room with dog shower

Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows the joy they bring to a home, but let’s be real — even the most well-behaved ones can cause damage to your home.

Never fear! We’re here to share some of the best tile options to install for animal-lovers, keeping your pet and your home looking great.  


Pet-Friendly Floors

There is always one surface that is prone to damage caused by your four-legged family members  —  FLOORS!

Scratching nails, potty accidents, fur balls, or even spills from food bowls… These are some of the most common sources of flooring damages that pet owners deal with on a regular basis. 

When your flooring material is not able to withstand the wear and tear of your pets, damage is inevitable. That’s why it’s necessary to choose an appropriate flooring material, not only to extend the life of your floors but also to make your daily lives much easier. 

We’re here to prove why a tile floor is a great option… the best option… should be the ONLY option, to keep both you and your pets happy! 

From small to large format, wood-looking to patterned, there is an array of tile styles to choose from that are both pet-friendly and stylish! Tile floors can be installed anywhere in your home, from kitchens to bathrooms, living rooms to foyers and everywhere in between —

Always consider tile where you have the highest pet traffic area on your floors! 

Water, stains, scratches or dirt — porcelain floor tile can hold up to whatever your pet dishes out! When you have porcelain floor tiles, forget about your pet’s nails, stop worrying about the accidents, or any other damage. Porcelain tile is your go-to, especially if you own multiple large or energetic friends.

Tiles come in so many different styles:

They can replicate the texture and look of natural hardwood to keep your design aesthetic cozy, yet durable. Concrete-look tile will give you and your pooch a contemporary abode that’s easy to clean up. And don’t forget about patterns — they can hide all sins, are aesthetically diverse and can really inject some personality into your space. 


Natural Stone

Natural stone tile can be a great pet-friendly flooring option thanks to their durability, when paired with a sealant. Our AquaMix products offer high quality sealants to protect your flooring so you and your furry family can enjoy your home for years to come.

Natural stone not only brings warmth and history to your floors, but when treated and maintained correctly, can resist almost all kinds of damage. For maximum performance, don’t forget to seal your natural stone floor tiles on a regular basis and make sure they’re cleaned regularly. 

Natural Stone Floor


Longevity | Keeping Tiles for a Lifetime 

One of the biggest problems with pets is their nails. Even well-trimmed nails can gouge hardwood and snag carpet. As a general rule of thumb, a pet-friendly flooring should be scratch resistant (… since there’s no such thing as scratch-proof!) so it’s a good idea to look for floors that have a strong, protective layer to avoid nail damage as much as possible.

Tile flooring can withstand heavy traffic and are scratch-resistant, keeping their beautiful finish for years to come without the need to sand, buff, or polish them to maintain their appearance.

Dog shower with subway tiles

Other benefits of tile? … We’ve got plenty!

No trapped dirt — Unlike carpet, laminates and hardwood, there is no trapped dirt with tile floors as the dirt only falls on top of the surface! Bring in the vacuum, a damp cloth or mop and voila! The cleaning process is so much easier for tiles, compared to other flooring materials where dirt, mites, pet hair and dust go deep down the surface! 

No discoloration or odor — If your puppy has an accident on the carpet, there’s no doubt that it’ll sink into the fibers and pads. If you get pet food or water spilled onto your hardwood floor, it’ll eventually cause permanent damage and warp your floors. Tile floors have proven to be water and stain resistant and there is much less to worry about!

So far tiles scored almost perfectly in all areas that pet owners are concerned about, right?

Tile floors are resistant, require minimal upkeep and make our lives a lot easier… and who doesn’t need an easier life right now!?

Ready to get started on a pet-friendly flooring project?

If you need help in the selection process of your project, let us know so we can help! Remember to pick the best tile that will make you and your furry friends happy in the end. 

We’re always here to answer any of your tile questions  —

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Reposted with permission from Euro Tile